Busy/relaxing Saturday

We slept in a bit this morning because we got in so late last night.  We both showered and then headed downstairs for breakfast.  Arnie and Nancy were up and we chatted with them while we ate breakfast.  Sarah got up just before we headed out.

We borrowed Sarah’s car and drove for about an hour to meet Jon and Angie, and their new baby.  It was a nice visit.  We got to their house just before 11 and we were there until about 1:30 pm.  Jon made us an excellent lunch consisting of spinach quiche, warm fresh bread, fruit, juice.  Yum!  I even had seconds.  After lunch the baby (who was sleeping quite soundly) woke up and Kelly helped feed her.

At 1:30 we got back in the car and headed back Sarah’s parent’s.  We stopped to fill the car up with gas and when we got back, Arnie and Michael were doing some work cleaning out the “barn” garage.  I offered to help and Michael, Arnie and I ended up washing the cars (inside and out) as well as cutting the tall grass and dumping it in the woods (easier than it sounds).

The rest of the day was restful.  We all sat around in the sunroom, talking and napping.  We had a late dinner of BBQ’d chicken, asparagus and an excellent noodle pudding.  After dinner, Michael built a big fire in the fireplace and we all sat around chatting some more.  Sarah had made an ice cream cake for Arnie’s birthday and we ate that.  Around 10:30, I was pretty beat and Kelly and I headed up to bed.

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