No gym this morning

I made chicken marsala and rice pilaf for dinner and both came out good.  I may have slightly overcooked the rice, but it was the first time in my life that I ever made rice and I thought it tasted really good.  There were some leftovers which Kelly is taking for her lunch today.  No writing last night.  We watched Big Love and then I got through about the first 30 pages of Steal Across the Sky.

I lost the battle of wills this morning and did not get up.  It wasn’t that I was overly tired.  I wasn’t.  Zach was moving a lot last night and I felt him again and again.  I was warm and cozy in bed this morning (and cold outside) and although I’m making dinner this evening, it’s a fairly easy-to-make dinner and so I can go to the gym afterward.

Lunch is made.  I’ve got to finish my OJ and then hit the shower.  I’ve got another busyday of developing training materials.