Workout #8 (Chest/back)

I didn't get up this morning at 4 AM.  I felt nauseous for most of the night for some reason and when 4 AM rolled around, I felt like the gym would be anti-productive.  However, I did head to the gym once I got home this afternoon.

Today was chest/back day and I did pretty good today.  I lifted a total of 16,410 pounds compared to the 12,180 pounds from a week ago.  I've gradually upped the weight on the bench press, although I'm still 50 pounds below my peak.  I managed to do three sets of flat bench presses today as well as three sets of decline presses.  I got in another 100 crunches, although that last set of 40 was a doozy.

I do plan on being up at 4 AM tomorrow and into the gym for cardio by 5 AM.

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