First draft of “Homecoming” is done!

The first draft of the story that had a working title of "Cats in the Cradle" is done. I’m now calling the story "Homecoming" and unless I come up with something better in the final draft, that will likely be the title. I did another 1,325 words this evening and overall, I’m pleased with the result. The story can definitely use work, in particular, in unifying the theme throughout each of the 9 scenes. But story is there, and now I’ve just got to bring it to life.

Total words: 4,337 | This session: 1,325 | Net change: +1,330

The story is about 1,000 words longer than I intended, but it is still well shorter than what I usually end up writing and I’m happy about that for two reason: (1) I was aiming for a short story and succeeded and (2) I’ve always wanted to write a story where a long span of time passes in a short span of reading.  In the course of the 4,300 words of this story, morethan 1,300 years go by.