Lunchtime writing–surprise!

It was my plan to read during lunch today, but the as I read, I kept thinkingabout one of the stories I’ve been working on. Often times, I jot down a note or two and come back to the story later, but given how poor I’ve felt my writing to be lately, I thought I should take advantage of the feeling. I set aside the book and proceeded to write. Two full scenes and part of a third. And I’m pleased with the results. It’s not crap. I did 700 words of "Cats in the Cradle" in just under an hour. However, I tossed away the 1,000 or so words I’d already written before this (they were crap) and so, things stand as follows:

"Cats in the Cradle":
Total words: 703 | This session: 703 | Net change: -350

I’ve left off at a point from which I am looking forward to continue, so it’s possible there will be some more writing tonight.

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