Meetings, meetings, meetings

Yup, one of those days.  I was up at 6 AM, headed downstairs to feed the cats and pack my lunch.  Strangely, when I was done packing my lunch, I still didn’t hear the shower going. Kelly was still asleep.  I got her up and then came back down to eat breakfast.  A little while later we were off to work.

I had lots of meetings today.  They started at 10:30 and ran straight through until 4 PM.  It’s hard to make progress on a day like that because any work you end up doing is fragmented.

I did manage to get to Sunglass Hut and exchange my new (defective) sunglasses for a non-defective pair.  It was pretty easy, no hassles and now I’ve got a properly working pair of sunglasses.  I also made an appointment with our financial advisor (family planning stuff) for next week.

After work, Kelly went straight to the gym and I ate some dinner.  Later in the evening I made brownies so that I had something to pack in my lunch (we ran out of cookies).  Just before 8 PM, I headed to the gym and did a 40 minute cardio workout.  A little knee pain this time, but it gradually went away.

Not much reading today, but I hope to get some done tonight before heading off to bed.  No writing.  After yesterday’s debacle, I figure I could use a night or two off to allow myself to regroup.

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