And the winners are…

Last week I polled you all on the sex of our baby.  I told you that it would be a few weeks before we learned the sex.  We were scheduled for another comprehensive ultrasound on January 23.  However, at our regular OB appointment on Friday, our wonderful doctor did an ultrasound right there in the office and when Kelly asked if she could tell if it was a boy or girl, she could.

And so congratulations go out to bigblu4 , will_couvillier , alaneer , shsilver , kevnyc , strausmouse , ke1lynn , mabfan  and rubysnina .  It’s a boy!

Apparently, there is no doubt either.  The boy parts were clearly visible, and in fact, show up on of the 4 pictures we took home from the ultrasound.  It was an exciting moment for us, and a big surprise–not that it was a boy, but that we found out two weeks early than we expected.  We really wanted to know.  It’s also nice that we can start using a direct pronoun.  Kelly went shopping almost right away and bought a few baby boy clothing items for him.

So congrats to all of the winners.  And to those who didn’t get it right this time, there’s always next time.  🙂

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