The best of 2008

While I’m thinking of it, here is my best of 2008 (reading, of course):


  • The Terminal Experiment by Robert J. Sawyer
  • Up the Line by Robert Silverberg
  • Factoring Humanity by Robert J. Sawyer
  • Old Man’s War by John Scalzi
  • The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi
  • Only Begotten Daughter by James Morrow
  • Cauldron by Jack McDevitt


  • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  • The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker
  • Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson

Short fiction

  • "Beggars in Spain" by Nancy Kress
  • "Marrow" by Robert Reed
  • "Empty Spaces" by Michael A. Burstein (mabfan )
  • "I Remember the Future" by Michael A. Burstein
  • "Wake" (Part 1) by Robert J. Sawyer

Special Mention goes to NEW SCIENTIST.  I started reading the magazine in late October and it has quickly become my favorite science magazine.  It’s not as in depth as SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN but it’s got a fun, quirky style to the writing that makes reading it a sheer pleasure.
Subscription I maintain (as of the end of 2008):

Books I’m looking forward to in 2009:

  • We’ll Always Have Paris by Ray Bradbury
  • I Remember the Future by Michael A. Burstein
  • WWW:Wake by Robert J. Sawyer
  • War and Space by Lester Del Rey (edited by shsilver )
  • The New Space Opera edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan
  • The New Space Opera 2 edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan
  • The Year’s Best SF Volume 26 edited by Gardner Dozois
  • Other Spaces, Other Times by Robert Silverberg.

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