Up around 8 AM.  I was supposed to do a video chat with Jim at 9 AM, but he wasn’t around.  Instead we did the chat around 11 AM.  We lazed around this morning, as usual.  The garage door wasn’t working again, and I called maintenance about it.  I think they may have fixed it later in the day–at least, I suspect so, since it was working this afternoon when we went grocery shopping.

After my video chat, I walked over to Shirlington to get a haircut.  I walked despite the fact that is was in the 30s out, and the wind was blowing.  I distracted myself by reading while I walked.  I finished the latest issue of NEW SCIENTIST early this morning, and started in on SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.  That’s what I read while walking.

We went grocery shopping late this afternoon.  I picked up what I needed for Thanksgiving.  We are going to Sarah’s, and I am making stuffed mushrooms.  I’m making two different kinds.  Should be interesting.

Spoke with strausmouse  for a bit this evening.  I think I still owe a few callbacks to other folks.

Watched the season finales of True Blood and Entourage this evening.  Emptied the dishwasher and I’m heading off to bed just as soon as I finish up the article that I’m reading.  Oh, by the way, I’m likely giving up on the Roosevelt book (again!)  It’s just not keeping my attention.  Besides, after reading the articles on science fiction in NEW SCIENTIST, I’m feeling like I need some of that in my veins right about now. 

Short work week coming up!  Got a headache right now and I’m hoping it will be gone by the time I head up to bed.

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