Election day, part 2

I sneaked out of the office at 10 AM and headed over to my polling place in hopes that the lines would not be long.  I was in luck.  It took me seven minutes to go through the line and vote.  It took me longer to do the round-trip to the polling place.  I was told that first thing this morning, the lines were 90 minutes, and they would probably be up there again after work today.  So I guess I came at the right time.

What a thrill it was to check the Obama-Biden box on my (electronic) ballot.  Never before, in any election that I have voted in, was I so excited by a candidate.  I can only imagine that this is how people felt when voting for John F. Kennedy back in 1960.

Otherwise, I voted the straight Democratic ticket, and then for a few measures for the city and county of Arlington.

I was back in the office at about 10:30.

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