Cooking immersion

Yesterday, I began a period of "cooking immersion" which I hope will help develop any dormant cooking skills that reside within me.  I planned out our meals for the week, went shopping for everything I needed, and plan to cook 2 dishes each night in order to build up experience.  I’m using the wonderful custom-made cookbook that strausmouse  and rmstraus  gave to us to plan the initial meals (and I’m using the cookbooks that rubysnina  gave to us to fill in details that I’m not familiar with).

Last night, I made us a very good sweet potato soup, followed by a baked macaroni and cheese dish.  Both were essentially made from scratch.  I bought sweet potatoes, diced them, boiled them, added fresh ingredients; I even made use of our food processor for the first time to puree the stuff into a soupy consistency.  The macaroni bake was a little easier to make but took longer to cook.  Kelly liked the result of each, although I think we both liked the soup more than the macaroni.  What impressed me most was that I made both dished simultaneously and was able to get the kitchen cleaned before serving them, so there was almost nothing to clean up afterward.  And there’s plenty of leftovers for lunch!

Tonight, I’m making an arugula and parmesan salad, and Hoisin chicken sandwiches.

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