Where guests begin arriving

We drove into work this morning and as we pulled toward the parking lot, I realized that we forgot the parking pass. We had to come home to get it. Fortunately, we live close by.

Busy work day today. Trying to wrap stuff up before I head off on vacation. I worked steadily until 2 PM (when I had to leave to run an errand) and then it was back to work from 9 – 11 PM to do some deployments. I just finished that up. (I watched the debate while I was working.)

After work today, I raced out to Annapolis to give the Inn a cashier’s check for the remaining balance for the wedding. Then I raced back home and was at the house at about 4:15 PM. Kelly’s parents arrived minutes later. After Kelly got home from work, we all drove out to Tyson’s Corner so that Kelly could pick up her wedding dress. We had dinner out there and then came back to the house.

I didn’t get a chance to return my library book today and so I will return it tomorrow, one day late. It cost me a quarter, but I still feel bad since someone has the book on hold, and I know I’d be annoyed if I were waiting and it was late.

Off to bed. Doug and family get here tomorrow morning.

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