Monday wrap-up

I think Kelly and I are both recovering from our weekend. We both felt tired throughout the day. I took a lunchtime name that lasted nearly an hour!

Headed home at 4 PM and did a bunch of critiques for the writing workshop. Kelly called around 5:20 and I headed to pick her up. We went to pick up her car. Kelly decided to get enough fixed to make the car run for a few more months (through the wedding). We stopped at Harris Teeters and get some groceries, and then went to the dealership. Kelly got her car and we headed home.

We made a chef salad for dinner (with hard-boiled eggs, and turkey in mine for added protein). Around 8 PM, we headed to the club house gym. Kelly did cardio and I did a light arms and shoulders workout; didn’t want to over-do it getting back into things. I did manage 100 crunches. I had only one can of soda today and everything else was water.

Back from the gym and we settled down to watch the last two episodes of Dexter, season 2.

Lots of mail today. Sure enough, the insurance company things I’m still renting the house in Riverdale; they sent me a bill for that policy, even though I sent in a cancelation form. I’ll have to call them tomorrow to take care of this.

I got the SFWA Bulletin and my story, “When I Kissed the Learned Astronomer” was listed in the Nebula recommendations for Best Novelette (1 recommendation). It is no longer eligible, but it was cool to see it listed there among the many other novelettes (far better than mine).

About to hit 44 days on “The Golden Watch” at Strange Horizons and still no word. I’m still taking this as “no news is good news.”

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