We had a softball game last night. It was a little odd. The other team did not have enough girls (only 1) and so it was an automatic win for us. Nevertheless, we still played a game and they kicked our butts, something like 23-5 (of course, they had all guys in their lineup). I played in the outfield most of the game and didn’t see too much action. But I had a key assist toward the end of the game. The guys on the other team were being a bit cocky after a while, jogging slowly around the bases, hitting weak balls on purpose to try and thwart our outfield positioning. I was playing short field (4th outfielder, playing in behind shortstop). With a runner on second and two outs, I got a base hit grounder to me. As had been happening, the runner on second lolly-gagged his way to third. However, I charged the ball and threw to our third base woman from short left–and she tagged him out to end the inning.

That was infinitely satisfying.

Our record is not 4-3. Winning our last 2 games guarantees us a spot in the playoffs. But we play the one undefeated team in the division on Monday.

Got home, ate dinner, showered, and then got into bed. I started reading The Science of Science Fiction in preparation for the writing workshop that begins on Monday. I’ve already got my story idea. I need to write a short bio statement, but I was beat last night. Fell asleep before Kelly came to bed.

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