Blurry Friday

Still sick. Today it was mostly the usual cold symptoms: runny nose, stuff head, coughing, etc. But no matter what cold medications I tried, nothing seemed to work. I muddled through the work day, which include a marathon meeting this afternoon. The day is mostly a blur. After work, I met Kelly at the Gap, where she was doing some shopping.

The evening was a blur, too. I think the various medications caught up with me and knocked me for a loop. Kelly urged me to go to bed after dinner, and sometime around 7 PM, I collapsed. I woke up around 9 PM and was completely out of sorts.

Spoke to Jen today. Also to Mom and Doug. Dad left me a message. Got paid today. And deposited the rental deposit refund from the old place, which I received in the mail yesterday.

Everything is blurry tonight. I’m hoping that when I wake up tomorrow, this cold and all of its appurtenances will be gone. Fortunately, tomorrow is a relatively light day.

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