My tentative Readercon schedule

I head up to Boston for Readercon early Friday morning. Alas, I am only able to stay through early Saturday evening. Given my short stay, here is my tentative schedule of events that I am hoping to attend while there.


11:00: Science Fiction as a Mirror for Reality
13:00: -Esque No More: Transcending Your Influences
14:30: Michael A. Burstein reads a selection from his story “Empty Spaces”
15:00: The Critical Review: Griffin, Gorgon, or Sphinx
16:00: Robert J. Sawyer reads from his upcoming novel Wake
17:00: A Tale of Two Disciplines
18:00: If All Men Were Tolerant, How Would You Shock Your Sister?
19:00: Waking Up Sober Next to a Story Idea
22:00: The 2008 Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award Ceremony
22:30: Meet the Pro(s) Party


12:00: Genius is 90% Higher Standards: The “Unnecessary Rewrite”
13:00: Kaffeeflatches: Scott Edelman, Matthew Kressel
14:00: The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction group reading
15:00: You Say “Plagiarism”, I Say “The Ecstasy of Influence” OR
15:00: Kaffeeklatsches: David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, Robert J. Sawyer
14:00: James Patrick Kelly interviewed

I may try and squeeze in other things if I can, but I have to head for the airport no later than 5:30 PM on Saturday, which is unfortunate. Still I am very much looking forward to this convention and especially, meeting Barry Malzberg there.

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