Baseball and writing

Kelly couldn’t go to the Orioles game today because she had other stuff she had to work on, so I left her at my house around 11 AM and headed up to Camden Yards. The Orioles have lost something like 8 of their last 9 home games and the team was offering a special today. If they won, each ticket-holder could get an equivalent ticket to another Orioles game for free. So there was incentive to root for the O’s over the Texas Rangers.

I was most disappointed by the fact that our usher, Bill, who has been usher for our section for at least as long as I have had my season tickets (5 years now) moved to another section. It wasn’t clear whether this was permanent or not, but I hope not. The section is not the same without him.

The game was a slow one, but ultimately a close one as the Orioles lost 11-10, but hit 2 home runs in the bottom of the 9th in an effort at a comeback.

I stopped at Boston Market on the way home to grab some dinner.

I submitted my story, “The Golden Watch” to Strange Horizons, and got the auto-response from them so I know that it was submitted successfully. I had planned to do more work on another story last night but ended up watching episodes of M*A*S*H instead.

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