Packing and more packing

Kelly and I headed up to my place after work yesterday and I spent several hours yesterday evening and most of this morning packing. I got the rest of my office packed up. It took 36 boxes to contain all of my book, but they are packed up and neatly stacked in the extra room. I cleaned out my desk and file cabinets, shredding something like 4 large bags worth of paper. What was left was a small stack of files not more than a foot high. I packed all of my DVDs and CDs. We packed most of my dishes, pots and pans (leaving a few unpacked for the next couple of weeks).

I even got my desk taken apart. It turned out to be very easy. There was a lot of dust involved in all of that packing and that activated my allergies, but I felt like I made significant progress. There is still more to pack but I think that the hardest part is now done.

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