Make-up day

I took a sick day today in order to fit in doctors appointments and stuff like that. I worked from home in between. Incidentally, it was one year ago today that I began my month-long vacation, most of which was spent in Europe.

I had a physical today and the news was good: I am still alive.

Actually, it really was good. As far as my doctor can see, I am in great shape. The blood pressure issue I had 2 years ago was either a fluke, or all of the exercise and diet changes I’ve made have cured it. My blood pressure was “excellent”, as was everything else. I have some labs that I need to get done to check things like cholesterol, but I can take those in at my own convenience.

I picked up our wedding license from Anne Arundel county today as well, checking another item off our list of wedding-related things to do.

It was my plan to mow the lawn too. I went out back and cut back a bunch of bamboo. I was about to start mowing when the neighbor boy, Josh, came by. He told me he was trying to raise money for a church trip and offered to mow my lawn for $3.

“Three dollars?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

“You’ve got to up your asking price.” I’ve got a pretty big yard. I studied the yard, thought about how much I needed to get done, and said, “Tell you what, you do the front and back and I’ll give you $20.” That’s what we agreed to. He did both front and back yards and I gave him a crisp new $20. Made my day a little easier and allowed me to get little more done.

But still not as much as I had hoped. I had hoped to get some packing done today, but I ran out of time. I had to call into a work meeting from 6 PM until about 7:30 PM. Now it’s about 8 and I need to get ready for bed. Back to work tomorrow. And I’ve got a softball game after work.

I’m 270 pages through The Language Instinct.

The second half of 2008 begins tomorrow.