A last-minute vacation day

I realized last night that there was no way I could do everything I needed to do before our getaway this weekend without having more time. And the only way to make more time was to take a last-minute vacation day today, which I did.

I was up at 7 AM, and between 7 AM and 3 PM, I worked non-stop to get things done. I picked up my suit from the cleaner. I did laundry. I ate some breakfast and then headed to the gym, where I did a short (20 minute) cardio workout. After the workout, I got a haircut. Then I returned the DVR cable box to Comcast. (They’d been charging me a monthly fee for this box even though I never ended up using it.)

At noon, I called into a work meeting. I also updated the maps on my Garmin GPS today. I now have the most recent version of maps (2009 edition) and I know they are recent because they finally have vickyandnorm‘s street.

I cleaned up the house some, did more laundry, and finally got around to packing for our trip to the Homestead tomorrow. By the time I’d finished everything up it was 3:15 and time for me to head over to Kelly’s. I left my house at 3:15 and got to Kelly’s around 4:30, mainly because I took a different route that ended up taking me through Georgetown on the Friday evening before Memorial Day weekend. In hindsight, this was probably a mistake.

Kelly got home a few minutes after I got to her place. We went to Bertucci’s for dinner and by the time we got back from dinner, I was pretty tired, and decided to call it an early night, while she stayed up and watch some TV.