Rain — out?

As nice at it was on Saturday, it rained just about all day on Sunday. I had tickets to the Orioles/Nationals game today. It was the second game I went to this season, and the second time it rained, which is a first in the 5 years I’ve had these seats. Kelly and I headed up to Camden Yards in the rain at around 12:30. We arrived in the rain around 1 PM. When we got to our seats, we found out that the start of the game was delayed due to rain. I had a hot dog and fries. And we waited.

And waited. And waited.

We both had a lot of things to do this afternoon. As time went on and the weather didn’t look like is was getting any better, we grew concerned that even if they started the game, we wouldn’t be able to stay for much of it.

Finally, at about 3 PM, I called it quits. The game was more than 1-1/2 hours late and we really couldn’t hold out any longer. So we left.

The game started about 30 minutes later.

Oh well. Turns out there was another 30 minutes rain delay in the 8th inning, but we wouldn’t have been able to stay for more than 1/2 hour of the game or so, had we stuck it out.

I did some grocery shopping and then Kelly finished up her laundry. I made us pasta for dinner, and after dinner, with the laundry all done, Kelly headed home.

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