Interviews, interviews

Got to sleep in a little this morning because I was at Kelly’s last night, and she lives so close to work that we can leave much later. That’s always nice. I actually slept really well last night. It was warm, but not hot, and with the storms coming in, there was a nice breeze in the air.

Busy day at work with meetings and two interviews that I did today. During the second interview, I was training someone on how to do these screening interviews and that proved to be pretty useful, I think. But it made for a long day in the office. I didn’t leave until after 5 PM and didn’t get home until about 6 PM. I decided to be lazy this evening and avoided doing anything remotely productive.

Had a check in the mail from my landlord for the electrical work I had done earlier in the week. I paid the bill and he reimbursed me for it. I have the best landlord ever invented.

Still doing good with no carbs for dinner. (I’m back to that now that I’m back to the gym.) I cheated just a little tonight, when I had a few cookies, but I’m improving. It’s much easier to phase it in than to do it cold turkey. (What, I wonder, is the etymology of that expression?)

Did some reading today–I’m more than 300 pages through In Joy Still Felt.

It rained just about all day, at times pretty hard, and I think more is expected overnight and into tomorrow. Lots of phone calls today. Spoke to Mom, Dad, Doug, and he11o_sunshine. Mom and Dad are out of town this weekend for my Uncle Bob’s funeral in Utah. That means Mom will be away on Mother’s Day and so I had flowers sent to her today. She called when she got home to tell me she’d gotten them.

I failed to follow up on my blood donation yesterday. It all went well. I managed to donate an entire pint in about 6 minutes. I felt a little light-headed but not nearly as much as the first time. It’s not a pleasant experience. I don’t mind the sight of blood in the least, but I don’t like the feeling of your life being slowing sucked away. It’s one of those things that is–for all it’s discomfort–not worth doing; except that it is worth doing. And if you understand that, then you know exactly what cognitive dissonance is all about. In fact, I hate the feeling, but I force myself to do it anyway. I get through by cracking bad jokes. The Red Cross people were great and they have the efficiency of their process down to a science. I was, however, amused by one inefficiency that I noted. In the screening process, I was asked for a picture ID. I gave my driver’s license. The nurse placed the license before her and keyed in some information. She asked me a few questions and then asked, “What’s your date of birth?” I thought that was odd, since my DOB is right there in red on the license. But I answered. A few minutes later, she asked again. I answered but I was mildly annoyed. Lesson: if you have the information in front of you, save everyone time and don’t ask! I’d been warned not to exert myself too much. Running for a train after work, I discovered why. I was completely out of breath, my heart was pounding. I felt unmanned. Of course, I feel back to normal today.

Def Leppard has a new studio album out, their first one to make the top ten since 1992. I downloaded it to my iPhone this morning, but haven’t listened to it yet. strausmouse is skeptical.

Gym tomorrow morning. Another busy day.