It’s full of stars!

Work went by quickly today, and I was kept fairly busy throughout the day. In fact, I didn’t get out of the office until almost 5 PM. I had a 6 PM meeting so once I left, I couldn’t dawdle. While waiting to change trains at Mt. Vernon Square, a man came up to me and asked, in a thick Russian accent, “Do you speak Russian?” I said no, but I wonder why he asked me, of all people.

I was back home just before 6 PM, in time for my meeting, which fortunately only lasted 30 minutes.

Got the July issue of ASIMOV’S in the mail today and the JULY/AUGUST issue of ANALOG. Also my American Express bill.

I packed my lunch today, and I also managed to eat second breakfast after the gym. It was a good day health-wise. In fact, I capped it with a low-carb dinner of hummus and carrots and tuna fish (no bread, just the tuna). It was good!

Yesterday, I started reading Randy Pausch’s book, The Last Lecture. This morning, I finished it. It was a great book. I really enjoyed it. Once I was finished, I couldn’t let it go at that. I went to the website and I watched all 76 minutes of the actual lecture. It was incredible. On the train home, I resumed In Joy Still Felt. I’m nearly 300 pages through at this point.

Spoke with he11o_sunshine this evening. Also talked to Doug for a while.

I’m working from home tomorrow (which is why it’s 10 PM and I’m still awake). I have an electrician coming by to do some work.

I took the telescope out briefly this evening. I still need to align it properly but I was able to look at a few stars. I spent about 30 minutes at it. Not only was it fun, but it was relaxing, too.

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