Retreat, day 1

So busy with the retreat that I don’t have much time to write here, so I’m doing mostly simple diary entries that stick to the basics, so forgive for a few days. Eventually things will return to normal. At least you’ll get a glimpse of what my “diary” blog entries look like.

Up at 6 AM, into the office by 6:30 and in meetings from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Breakfast was brought in but lunch was on our own. I had lunch with Jim and Robert, who took me over to McDonald’s, which has been remodeled and looks completely different from what I remember. The food wasn’t any better.

Good morning session and good afternoon sessions, and when it was over, I was exhausted. But we had the group dinner at 6 PM at The Galley Restaurant. I had the spicy shrimp diablo, which was very good. 11 of us at dinner, and had a great time. Afterward, Neal, Will and I headed to the hotel bar for a drink. They didn’t have Sambuca or Ouzo, so I just had water. In bed around 10 PM, finished up In Memory Yet Green and then off to sleep.