Another busy day

Back to work and it was a busy day today, catching up with the two days that I missed last week. Lots to catch up on. My day was packed and, in fact, I had a meeting (from home) this evening from 6-7 PM.

I found out that Magnum, P.I., Season 8 was released recently and went out to buy it and season 7 today. This evening, I took a break and watched my two favorite Magnum, P.I. episodes, “Limbo” and “Infinity and Jelly Donuts”. I hadn’t seen them in a really long time and there were just as good as I remembered them.

I finished joe_haldeman‘s book, War Year, which I thought to be good, but too short (it ended rather abruptly). Fortunately, I received the other books I ordered from Powell’s in the mail today: Rob Sawyer’s, Factoring Humanity and Frameshift, and Robert Silverberg’s Up the Line. I’m quite eager to read Up the Line. Barry Malzberg described it as the best time travel story ever in his introduction to Silverberg’s novella, “Hawksbill Station”. I’ll probably get started on it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’m going to watch another episode or two of Magnum, P.I. and then I’m off to bed. Got another busy day tomorrow.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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