Another productive day in the office today. Made good progress on several fronts. I feel kind of like I’m in a groove there. On the other hand, I still haven’t done any writing in a while now, nor have I managed to get back to the gym, so my groove is limited.

Made dinner reservations at Ruth’s Chris for Valentine’s Day for Kelly and I. I also got more dry cat food for Zeke. This time, they only had the 16.5 lbs bag in stock so that’s what I got. I want to figure out how long it lasts him.

Slow going this week on The Life of Greece, but I am enjoying it. Doing laundry tonight in preparation for the trip to Denver this weekend. I’ll be in the office tomorrow until noon, and then working from home until 3 PM. That’s when Kelly and I head up to BWI to catch our flight.

Talked briefly to Mom and Dad today. Laundry just finished up so I’m getting ready for bed.