Sunday in New York

Even though we went to bed late, we were still up at around 8 AM. Around 10:30 or so, Kelly and I headed over toward Central Park. We arrived at the Boathouse Restaurant around 11 AM and met Kelly’s friends–Angie, John Jon (thanks, Kelly, for the correction), and their little girl Emma–for brunch.

Surprisingly, we were seated right away. There were no crowds, no long waits. We got a seat by the window, which overlooked a frozen lake. Angie and John were really nice and their daughter was adorable. Brunch was terrific and I was gluttonous. I ordered steak and eggs and had a mimosa with it. When I finished my steak and eggs (and potatoes, and bread), I ordered another mimosa and proceeded to finish the one and a half pancakes left on Kelly’s plate.

After brunch, we walked it all off. We made our way south through the park, stopping to let Emma watch the horses go by. We moved down to the ice skating rink and watched the skaters for a while, and then down to the duck pond to watch the ducks. The weather was really nice, especially when the sun was out. We then made our way to Fifth avenue and walked down past the zoo, before Kelly and I had to say goodbye and head back to Jen and Jason’s.

The walk back got cold, with a bitter wind whipping its way down Fifth Avenue and right into our faces. We walked from 65th to 80th and finally turned down 80th and made our way, shielded from the brunt of the wind, to 3rd. By the time we got back to Jen’s, we had only a little time to rest and gather our things before catching a taxi to Penn station.

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