Dumb development mistakes

I came into work this morning ready to hit the ground running. After all, I got a good night’s sleep last night. I took care of some issues that needed to be done right away, and then I turned to work on the AJAX-based ASP.NET application I’m developing. When I opened it up in Visual Studio this morning, I noticed that I hadn’t checked it into revision control last night. That’s unusual for me, but whatever. I set about working, mostly trying to see if I could get a scrollable panel to maintain it’s scrollback position on a postback. Eventually, I gave up and reverted my code back to what was in source control.

Only, I hadn’t checked in my code from yesterday.

My code was reverted back to Monday’s code and on that one page, I lost all of the work that I did yesterday. Fortunately, I was able to recover some of it from the test server that I publish to, but it still required some rewriting of code and it was still a dumb development mistake.

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