Catching up

I left work at 3 PM today. I’ve been working some pretty long hours recently and after waking at 1 AM and not getting back to sleep this morning, I figured I could use the break.

When I got home, I found the March 2008 issue of ANALOG waiting for me. It’s got Part 2 of Joe Haldeman’s new novel, Marsbound. I’m looking forward to that–it’ll make a nice interlude between volumes of The Story of Civilization.

I was home before 4 PM and I made myself an early dinner (mac and cheese) and when I finished, I crawled into bed and tried to read for a little while. That lasted maybe 10 minutes. By 5 PM, I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I set my book aside and went to sleep.

I slept 4-1/2 hours.

I woke up a little while ago and found that it was almost 10 PM. Already it felt like I got a fairly decent amount of sleep and I still have more than 6 hours before I have to get up and start my day. I’m probably going to try and read for half an hour or so and then go back to sleep. But I imagine that I’ll be starting the day tomorrow pretty well-rested.

I’m 428 pages through Our Oriental Heritage.

Incidentally, we are expecting 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow, but I’m skeptical. I doubt we’ll get an inch, but you never know…

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