Busy day

I put in a long day today, working from about 5:30 AM until just about 4 PM. I got a lot done, but I was pretty beat by the time I got home this evening. I was supposed to stop at the vet to pick up some more dry food for Zeke, but I forgot so I’ll have to do it Thursday. He’s got enough to last him.

The Metro rates went up on Sunday and today was the first time I rode the metro since the increase. It cost me more than $3 each way into work and $4.25 to part. That’s more than $10/day to commute now. But it’s still better than the alternative.

Spoke to he11o_sunshine this evening. Also spoke to Dad today. I finally went ahead and paid for our Orioles season tickets for this season, so that’s taken care of. I was only waiting to hear back from our rep to see if we could get any closer in our section, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

I’m somewhere around 145 pages through Our Oriental Heritage. I’m going to read for half and hour before lights out.

It really was a gorgeous day today. 72 degrees. I ran out after work to get something to eat and the air was still warm and it smelled like spring. Starts to cool off tomorrow.

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