Back to the gym!

After roughly two months off for a variety of reasons, I finally got back to the gym this morning, as planned. My alarm went off at 4:20 AM, after a fairly rough night’s sleep (I think it’s a phase; the last several nights have been plagued by strange dreams, punctuated by fitful bouts of sleep). I had breakfast. I changed cereals, incidentally, switching from Apple Cinnamon Cheerios to good old, Wheeties. Added a banana and orange juice for good measure.

I was at the gym at 5:50 AM and did 40 minutes on the elliptical. It felt great. I have a ways to go to get back to where I was last March (my prime). I noted that my heart rate hovered around 170 for the entire 40 minutes. It will take a few weeks to get it back into the 150s. Some pain in my right knee for the last 5 minutes of the workout, but otherwise, everything felt good.

I’m also back on the nutrition plan: 5 smaller meals a day, a fruit or veggie with each “meal”, and no carbs with the last meal of the day. We’ll see how this all works out.