Red eyes

[Written on 11/26/2007]

I took the red eye back from LAX last night. Doug, Rachel and Dad dropped me off at LAX at about 8 PM (and even thought PCH was closed due to the Malibu fires, we hit no traffic on the way to the airport, which came as a mild surprise).

There was no line at the security checkpoint. Not a single person. First time I can recall that was the case. I was sitting in the Red Carpet Club 10 minutes after I had been dropped off at the curb. I’d upgraded my seat to First Class on the return flight and boarded on-time at 9:40 PM. The flight itself was mostly uneventful save for the facts that (a) we hit about 30 minutes of moderate turbulence somewhere over the middle of the country; and (b) I couldn’t sleep.

We arrived about 10 minutes early into Dulles (about 5:50 AM) and the driver, Don, was there to meet me at the baggage claim. He made it a quick ride back to my house. I’m beat. Zeke was glad to see me, I think. Kelly is coming over around 11 AM, but for now, I’m heading off to bed for a few hours.

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