Tuesday evening writing

I just completed another 1,000 words of Graveyard Shift, bringing the total for the day to 2,000 words. The scene I wrote will be the last scene of Part I of the book. I wrote this scene out of order, however, skipping ahead several chapters because it was a fun, and emotional scene to write, and it sets up Part II of the story, so I can start to anticipate working on that.

My effort this evening brings my NaNoWriMo word count to 17,376.

I had dinner with Kelly after work today–California Pizza Kitchen. We won’t see each other until Sunday. She’s heading to New Jersey for Thanksgiving and I head to Los Angeles early Thursday morning. The train ride home was a drag. For some reason, the Green Line trains were running at 15-20 minute intervals, which is spread pretty far apart for 7 PM on a Tuesday evening. I got home shortly before 8 PM.

We were told work was going to let us out a little early tomorrow, which is good because I still have laundry to do, some chores to take care of, and I need to get to bed early tomorrow because I have to be up at 4 AM on Thursday. The car to the airport will be here at 4:30 AM.

I’m going to watch an episode of The West Wing and then it’s light’s out.

It’s going to be 70 degrees here tomorrow! Maybe he11o_sunshine is right.

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