Rejections and submissions

On Saturday, I received a rejection from Intergalactic Medicine Show on my story “Wake Me When We Get There”. Edmund Schubert said that he had published a similar story several issues back and so he couldn’t use mine. I must admit that I didn’t go back and read every story in the previous 4 issues before submitting this one. If I had, I would have known better.

So this morning, I submitted “Wake Me When We Get There” to Space & Time Magazine. They recently opened for submissions. It marks my 7th submission of the year and sets a record for the number of times I’ve submitted a story (this is the 9th place I’ve submitted “Wake Me”).

Aside from the NaNoWriMo work (which came to a stand-still this weekend), I’ve got two promising stories underway. There is a chance I might get them completed before the end of the year.

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