A visit to the ER

This morning, I headed over to the local ER to get my ribs checked out. They’ve been bugging me enough so warrant it, especially since the pain has been increasing, not decreasing. I got checked out, had a chest x-ray and the result was that there is no fracture or organ damage. It appears to be an intercostal tissue strain, which can often be more painful than an actual break. The gave me a shot of painkiller (toradol) while I was there. Initially, that did nothing but make my arm hurt, but now it seems to be working quite well. I also filled a prescription for oxycodone, also know as Percoset. I don’t need to take that until later on.

I was surprised with how efficient that hospital is. They all use “electronic” charts. The only paperwork was a sheet I signed when I initially came in, and the papers that were given to me when I was discharged. Even the x-rays were “uploaded” to my chart almost instantly. Pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, I’m home for the rest of the day. I’m reading work-related email and taking care of what I can here at the house. Incidentally, the toradol injection didn’t seem like it was going to work initially. My arm was killing me because it was a muscle injection. But right now, it’s working well. I’ve got only the barest of pains in my ribs and arm.

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