Lunchtime workout

I was up at 4:20 AM but didn’t really feel like I had the energy for a full lower body workout when I got to the office this morning so I deferred the workout until lunch today. I managed to get in a good workout overall. I did a total of 23,280 lbs, compared to the 18,615 lbs I did last week. I would have done more but I felt some strain in my left rib cage after doing 4 reps of 280 lbs on the angled seated leg press. (I’ve done a full set before, but I didn’t want to push it after feeling the strain, so I did one more and then stopped. No pain or soreness so it’s probably good that I stopped when I did.)

It felt good, however, and I managed to work up a good sweat rather more quickly than I do on my cardio workouts, which made me feel as though I was pushing myself harder than usual.

Published by Jamie Todd Rubin

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