Long day with lots of meetings today. As far as the cold goes, I’m feeling better but still not 100%. I can tell because I ate very little today and my head is still stuffed. Hopefully that will be gone tomorrow.

Nothing but junk in the mail. I spent an hour or so after I got home reading more of The Reagan Diaries. Then a video chat with strausmouse and a video chat with he11o_sunshine and now I’m getting into bed and relaxing before going to sleep by watching an episode or two of The Office.

I paid my last (massive) T-Mobile bill today. It included all of the text-messaging and phone calls I made while in Europe, in addition to the early cancellation fee. Still felt too lazy to go out and cut the grass after work but I still have about a week before the town decides to fine me. (I’ll probably do it tomorrow.)

And the Yankees just took the lead over Seattle 3-2 in the 7th with three straight walks. There’s still one out, bases loaded.

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