So today, we did an “analogies” test. Carmen is studying to take the Miller Analogies test and Ben and I were teasing her a bit yesterday about how she came up with some of her answers. So she challenged us to answer 40 questions and see who did best. This grew into about 5 of us, where the losers all have to buy the winner a drink at a happy hour in September. I did not come in last, thankfully. I scored 27/40 and that includes the three that I skipped. For those interested, the questions (along with my answers) can be found behind the cut.

Questions in red are ones that I got wrong. My answers are in bold.

1. imbroglio : (a. ado, b. fete, c. fight, d. feat) :: situation : achievement

2. logs (a. diameter, b. sine, c. circumference, d. cord) :: paper : ream

3. Mozart : (a. Austria, b. Germany, c. France, d. Poland) :: Beethoven : Germany

4. (a. novel, b. morals, c. rhymes, d. poems) : Keats :: fables : Aesop

5. definitions : dictionary :: (a. meaning, b. pronunciation, c. synonyms, d. pseudonyms) : thesaurus

6. sanguine : jaundiced :: ruddy : (a. muddy, b. callow, c. sallow, d. yellow)

7. opinion : (a. distaste, b. prison, c. magnet, d. revulsion) :: conviction : repulsion

8. (a. equality, b. decision, c. equanimity, d. sit) : equivocal :: stand : fickle

9. skull : cranium :: (a. mouth, b. tooth, c. jaw, d. chew) : mandible

10. sleep : peels :: (a. sheets, b. decal, c. pillows, d. bed) : laced (NOTE: I skipped this question. I completely overlooked the obvious.)

11. pragmatic : (a. utilitarian, b. pacifist, c. frivolous, d. reluctant) :: truculent : serene

12. prance : caper :: pickle : (a. olive, b. dance, c. mince, d. preserve)

13. (a. whole number, b. odd number, c. integer, d. variable) : -4 :: decimal : 0.53

14. de facto : apocryphal :: (a. grandiose, b apocalyptic, c. hour, d. de Soto) : minute

15. i : 7 :: (a. fake, b. imaginary, c. genuine, d. irrational) : real

16. revolt : (a. truce, b. broker, c. recantor, d. insurgent) :: treaty : mediator

17. surmount : surpass :: (a. questionnaire, b. answer, c. examine, d. sanitize) : survey

18. (a. Omoo, b. Typee, c. whale, d. Budd) : Billy :: Dick : Moby

19. tremblors : Richter :: (a. fissure, b. fault, c. tornadoes, d. hurricanes) : Beaufort (NOTE: I should have known better on this one.)

20. (a. Persian, b. French, c. Arabic, d. Chinese) : Latin :: Iran : Rome

21. (a. hurt, b. humble, c. hush, d. hose) : abash :: revere : honor

22. issue : opt :: (a. magazine, b. distribute, c. opinion, d. select) : choose

23. (a. parody, b. disappear, c. roe, d. brat) : spoof :: fish : sprat

24. script : play :: (a. aria, b. score, c. allegretto, d. libretto) : opera

25. (a. gull, b. irritate, c. provoke, d. embarrass) : annoy :: gullible : irascible (NOTE: I skipped this question)

26. fray : cuff :: (a. sleeve, b. fight, c. edge, d. tatter) : strike

27. past : ran :: running : (a. tense, b. leak, c. participle, d. future)

28. Nixon : (a. Clinton, b. Adams, c. Burr, d. Madison) :: Agnew : Jefferson

29. awareness : (a. pity, b. nerve, c. happiness, d. cruel) :: oblivious : ruthless

30. excoriate : (a. vomit, b. demon, c. free, d. scold) :: heave : toss

31. bullfrog : (a. amphibian, b. entomologist, c. herpetologist, d. ornithologist) :: ant : entomologist

32. candy : (a. joint, b. iron, c. steel, d. torch) :: confectioner : welder

33. flock : (a. sheep, b. bird, c. mimic, d. follow) :: congregate : parrot

34. anthropology : hagiology :: man : (a. history, b. religion, c. saints, d. art)

35. dogs : (a. cats, b. mice, c. cows, d. birds) :: kennel : aviary

36. etch : embroider :: (a. awl, b. scraper, c. acid, d. needle) : thread

37. nip : sip :: carp : (a. water, b. harp, c. drink, d. tent)

38. (a. lento, b. fortissimo, c. andante, d. pianissimo) : piano :: presto : adagio

39. (a. eats, b. fights, c. talks, d. ignores) : flirts :: pugilist : coquette

40. whale : platypus :: placental : (a. fish, b. marsupial, c. protheria, d. mammal)

I spent a total of 7 minutes taking the test yesterday, so I really can’t complain.

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