Errands and toys

I was up at 8 AM this morning and headed up to IHOP for a quick breakfast. From there, I headed to Saturn to have my car services (it was time for it’s 108,000 mile service, but since I’m driving up to Albany tomorrow, I wanted to make sure everything was in good working order anyway). My appointment was for 9 AM and I brought the car in at precisely 9 AM. I was very surprised when the car was returned and ready for me to take (having been washed and everything) by 9:25 AM!

From there, I headed to Circuit City. It’s been 2 years since my car has had a radio, the last one being stolen while the car sat in my driveway. I figured enough time had passed for my frustration to subside, and I caved in and bought the cheapest Pioneer radio I could find. It’s got a removable face plate, CD player, but best of all, has an AUX plug for my iPod so I can plug that right into my car stereo. It’s also nice that there is no longer a gaping hole in my dashboard.

While there, I also bought myself a little present and had that installed in the car as well: a Garmin StreetPilot C550 navigation unit. It’s pretty cool. It’s got a great color display, detailed maps of the entire U.S. and Canada, it’s voice activated, has BlueTooth built in so that I can make phone calls through it while I am driving, and has traffic alerts as well. I’ve wanted one of these for a while, ever since I got my handheld GPS unit for my birthday a year and a half ago, from vickyandnorm. This compliments that one. This one is perfect for the car. That one I can take with me when I travel. Of course, I can test the new one out driving up to Albany tomorrow to visit strausmouse and rmstraus.

After that, I headed over to the Hair Cuttery to get a haircut, which I desperately needed. And now, I am back home, going through the instruction book for the new nav unit. I still have a few more errands to run, but the major ones are done.

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