The contest

For reasons I am still unclear on, I proposed, over the weekend, that all us guys going on vacation in 19 days refrain from shaving until said vacation was upon us. Everyone agreed and jkashlock has already posted a picture of himself. He challenged me to do the same.

When I proposed this, I hadn’t shaved in about a week, and last night, feeling terribly itchy, I did shave, thinking that no one would really take my challenge seriously. When I was done, I found that Jason had posted his picture, and so now, of course, the game is on. I’ll post a picture later this week, and then periodically thereafter over the next 20 days.

Originally, the idea was for us to shave once on board the ship, but I got to thinking it might be better to shave the day before we left so that our faces better matched our passport pictures.

Why are we doing this? No good reason other than to give us another way to pass the 19 days between now and when we leave on the trip.

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