Workout #96 (Chest & back)

Up at 4:30 AM and into the gym by 6 AM (the train was running a few minutes late this morning). Chest and back day today and I decided to break from the normal routine and try a few things I hadn’t done in a while.

Group 1                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Chest press             12/115       11/115        6/125
Kickbacks              12/35LR      15/35LR      15/35LR
Bosu crunches             20LR         25LR         30LR

Group 2                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Pec fly                  12/60        12/60        12/68
Bosu dips                12/10        12/10        12/10
Jumping jacks               30           40           40

Aside from the fact that I definitely feel a little weaker (no doubt because I’ve been skipping so much), I seem slower too. I can’t seem to get in 3 full groups and I don’t know why because I used to just fine. Maybe it’s because I’m trying to hit the showers before the 7 AM rush. I don’t know. Anyway, the bosu crunches and bosu dips should have given my abs a bit more of a workout today. And I pushed back up to 125 lbs on the chest press, even though I only did 6 in the last set.

Cardio tomorrow and then lower body on Thursday.

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