It’s underway!

After a few weeks of on-again-off-again outlining, the novel version of my novella, “Graveyard Shift” is officially underway. I wrote the first half of Chapter One tonight, doing just about 1,400 words in an hour and a half and I feel really good about what I have written thus far. Of course, it is just the very beginning, but I did manage to write almost 3 times my baseline of 500 words a day. And they were good words, too! Sometime I write stuff to get it on paper but I don’t much like what I wrote afterward. Tonight, I felt moved by what I wrote.

My progress thus far: 9.5% of the way through my schedule and only 1.5% of the way toward my writing goal. Keep in mind that while my schedule has been ticking away, I haven’t really been writing until tonight. In fact, I only need to maintain tonight’s pace until May 25 and I’ll catch up to my schedule (and that excludes weekends, so that I can catch up even faster if I do manage to get some writing done over the weekend.

Really, though, the best thing about the writing session tonight is that it is finally underway and now that I’ve gotten something good on paper, I feel motivated to get back to my desk tomorrow evening and do some more writing. I would continue tonight, but I have to get to bed…

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