Time off for good behavior

I find that as I approach my 100th workout since December 4, 2006, I am getting a little lazy about things, a little off track. My routines are no longer as routine. Sometimes I go into the gym in the morning, sometimes at lunch, sometimes in the evening, all of which is fine if it were planned ahead. But it tends to come down to my mood at any given moment. Furthermore, I have been missing days and not feeling terribly guilty about it. Yesterday, for instance, even though I had a decent excuse.

I need to straighten myself out and get back on a solid schedule, but I felt I should reward myself for the good behavior I have had thus far. So I am giving myself the rest of the week off. No workouts through Sunday. Then beginning on Monday (April 23) I will start fresh back on the routine that worked best for me, which was early mornings. I’ll take this week to sleep in an hour later (being able to go to bed at 9:30 PM and not get up until 5:30 AM makes a big difference) and luxuriate in the absence of workouts, without feeling guilty about it. It’s back to work next week.

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