Insomnia, night #2

Yes, it’s 2:26 AM . I managed to sleep from about 9:30 until midnight, and I have been up ever since, tossing and turning and unable to sleep. I decided that I would get up and read for a while (and have a glass of chocolate milk) to see if either act as a soporific. My instinct is to say, $%*!#$ it! and just get dressed, but I’m certain if I did that I’d become tired within an hour or two. If I can read for a little while and grow sleepy within the hour, I can still get a couple of hours of sleep before I have to get up.

Otherwise, I suppose I’ll just read until 4:20, have breakfast and head off to the gym.

(The frustrating thing is that for months I was sleeping so well. I was falling asleep virtually the second my head hit the pillow, and sleeping rather soundly until it was time to get up. Now I’ve entered a phase and I can only wonder how long it will last.)

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