Workout #75 (Chest & back)

Up at 4:30 AM after not getting to sleep until after 11 last night. Ugh! Still, it was warm when I left the house (had to have been about 55) and that put in a good mood. And I felt pretty good about the workout overall, although I’m still not quite back to where I was before I got sick.

Group 1                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Chest press             12/115       12/115        7/125
Kickbacks              12/35LR      15/35LR      15/35LR
Crunches                    30           30           30

Group 2                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Seated row               12/80        12/80        12/90
Push ups                    20           20           25
Knee-ins                    20           20           20

Group 2                1st Set      2nd Set      3rd Set
-------                -------      -------      -------
Incline chest press      11/85         8/85          N/A
Dead lifts               12/80        12/80          N/A
Jumping jacks               30           30          N/A

I’m still not doing a full set of 125 lbs on the chest press. The closet I’ve come is 10 reps, but I’m keeping at it. When I left the gym this morning, it still felt warm out and that felt good too. I didn’t need my jacket or sweatshirt. It’s getting warmer this week. I noticed they are dismantling the ice rink just outside the gym.

Cardio tomorrow morning (and then off to Orlando!)