Grocery shopping

I’m just back from grocery shopping. It’s a short week since I’ll be in Orlando for 5 days of the week, but I wanted to get back into the good eating habits which I had for months and started to let slip recently, so I picked up lots of fruit and veggies and healthy things to pack in my lunches.

I needed to pick up a wedding card also, and made an interesting discovery that never occurred to me before (perhaps because someone else always bought the wedding cards). They say that Hallmark has a card for every occasion, but I defy someone to find a funny wedding card. There just don’t seem to be any funny wedding cards out there. All of them are so serious, no wonder there is so much pressure on a new bride and groom. They are receiving cards by the dozen with words like “forever”, “an eternity”, “’til death…” and so on. Give these guys a break! They just got hitched. How about some levity to ease the stress? I think a bride and groom would appreciate this, but apparently, weddings are strictly solemn affairs.

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