Busy work day!

I knew I was going to be busy today before I even entered the building. I have a meeting tomorrow at which a prototype application needs to be demonstrated and the functionality that was promised in the demonstration wasn’t developed yet. My goal for today was to knock most of that off. I set my out-going voice mail message to indicate that I was unavailable today. I also created an Outlook filter to reply to any email that I received indicating I would not be reading email until tomorrow. And obviously, I didn’t do any blog updates until now.

But I got quite a bit done, considering. I implemented lots of new stuff, including a tabbed interface in .NET, thanks to the help of one of our recent hires, who had done that sort of thing before. Got a lot of backend stored procedures and database updates to support the changes done as well. I’ve got about 5 hours worth of work to go, and there are abotu 5 work hours before my meeting, so I think I’ll be okay. But since it’s after 6 PM now, it’s time to be getting home.

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