Not! Gettting ! Sick!

For the last two days, I’ve had that creeping feeling that my body has been fighting off whatever it is that’s been going around. I haven’t been sick in the sense of having a cold/fever, etc. since before I began this recent phase of workouts (in the last 94 days). But last night, I felt a little feverish before going to bed. While I didn’t have fever dreams (I did have some unsettling dreams, but they were not fever dreams) last night, I woke up several times, coughing and feeling off. I fully expected to wake up this morning with that raw feeling in my throat. So far so good. But I did feel a little feverish so I took some Advil, guzzled some orange juice and headed into work.

It would suck to get sick right now because I’ve got the big dinner on Saturday and I’ll be in NYC all weekend. So I’m fighting it. I’m scheduled to workout with Bernard this afternoon and I still plan on that workout at this time. I’ll see how I feel after lunch before I make a final decision.

I’m fighting it, regardless. I’ve decided that I’m Not! Getting Sick!

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