Poetic license

It had been a while since I sent in my drivers license renewal to the MVA, and with my license due to expire in about a month, I was wondering today when I would get it. After all, I need my license to drive, but I also need it as a for of picture ID (my pilot’s license does not have a picture). Then I remembered that I now have my passport and could use that as ID if I needed to. Still, it would be nice to have my license.

But you’re ahead of me. When I got home from work this evening, my license had arrived. It’s different than the one I received nearly 5 years ago. For one thing, the electronic version of my signature is so small it’s nearly impossible to make out. There are other attributes that have changed as well. I guess Maryland has redesigned their license in the last 5 years. My license is now good until March 2012, when I’ll be 40 years old!

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