Heading home

I finished 3 of the 4 tasks I wanted to get done this weekend, and that’s something I suppose. I am almost caught up. The problem is, I just checked my calendar and I have managed to get myself wrangled into 5-1/2 hours of meetings tomorrow. So all efforts at catching up only helped to slow the digging of the hole that I am finding myself in. I can’t wait until March 5, because a number of work-related things will have passed by that point and I might be able to really start catching up.

I think I mentioned we got about 3 inches of snow since I got here. It started raining a little so hopefully some of that has melted. I really want to be able to drive my car home. I’ve still got a bunch of stuff to do and I’ve got to be to bed in 2-1/2 hours!

(And I’m now well into my senior year of high school on my autobiography play list, a time when I was working at Century Stationer’s, when Tawnya and I first started dating, and when I was stressing about where I was going to go to college. 115 of 193 songs. And my iPod has burned only about half of it’s battery life.)

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